Global Paper

Logo der Internationalen Papierkunst Triennale

In 2021 Deggendorf is going to become the centre of International Paper Art once again!

Already for the 5th time, the City- and Craft-Museum is going to present the Paper Global, the International Paper Arts Triennale. The focus is on the large judged art exhibition of paper art. The new date of the exhibition opening is 2nd October 2021. The exhibition will be on show until 6th March 2022.
On 3rd October we are going to celebrate a large paper festival where the focus will be on the popular paper market with high-quality craftsmanship made of paper only.

The entire exhibition period is going to be accompanied by programs for school classes and children’s groups as well as workshops for children and adults (as far as it will be possible due to Corona restrictions).

Please note that all scheduled dates and events are conditional due to the changing nature of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Museumskataloge, -hefte & sonstige Schriften

Buy the catalogues of Global Paper 1-4 at the museums, online or via Email – mu­se­en@­deg­gen­ One catalogue costs 19,50 €, all four can be bought for a set price of 50 € (plus shipping costs).